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I first heard about Twitter when the news broke about James Buck using the micro-blog to announce his arrest in Egypt last year.  Sure, it piqued my interest, but I thought blogging was gratifying enough that I didn’t sign up at the time. I had no idea what I had been missing. I resisted for a few more months then jumped in with both feet during the vice presidential debates at the end of September. I had a blast writing about the Palinisms and Joe le Plombier, amusing myself greatly.  As I’ve amassed a solid number of followers and engaged with several of these folks online and face-to-face, I thank Twitter for helping me love my job again.

Granted, I’ve always enjoyed teaching, but until recently it had been missing that certain je ne sais quoi. I don’t always get the mental stimulation and challenge in the classroom that I need to thrive. Like my students, if I’m not engaged, I grow bored. Thanks to Twitter, though, I am re-invigorated. I learn something new every single day, “meet” people from around the globe and am challenged in different ways. I follow smart, forward-thinking, innovative people who enjoy sharing and building their own knowledge.

A short list of what I’ve gained in the past few months:

  1. Colorado Learning 2.0, a great un-conference of like-minded people from all over the country, not just Colorado. I am co-chairing the committee for next year. Join us on 02.20.2010 at Loveland High School!
  2. VoiceThread
  3. Lesson plan ideas
  4. Assessment tools
  5. Countless iPhone Apps
  6. Netroots Nation
  7. FTW
  8. #Hashtags
  9. Recipe for fresh collard greens
  10. Money and bread-baking tips

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