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I recently met up with a dear friend of 25 years. Over dinner she talked about her quest to follow the things in life that enliven her. She also challenged me to do the same. As I finally wind down from the school year, I’m taking her advice and the time to notice and follow the things that make me feel more vibrant. On the flip side I suppose I should take note of the things that bring me down and eliminate or modify them the best I can.

Cooking and Baking
I have been playing in the kitchen since I could read. My mom refused to buy me an Easy Bake oven, and the cute little cake kits that came with it, saying I could use the real kitchen anytime. So, I did. I bake and cook for therapy. I bake to show people that I care. I suspect that my son will be getting several care packages from me next year at college.

Again, when I was little I took tap and ballet classes. I wasn’t very good, but I recall enjoying it quite a bit. My brother likes to remind me of a dance we performed called “Egg Head.” I’m not sure what the theme of the song was (but could make a guess) and the only line I remember is “‘Egg Head,’ that’s what we call him, ‘Egg Head!'” Hm. Probably wouldn’t fly today. Today, I love going to Zumba classes and salsa nights around town.

Thanks to my iPhone and Instagram I take more photos than before. I’ve always enjoyed photography and now really have fun playing with iPhoneography apps (I used Popsicolor, Percolator and Pop Camera and PicFrame for the images in this post). Using my camera apps and sharing photos has helped me keep an eye out for the beauty that surrounds me and made me more aware of my place. Sharing is an added bonus. Having someone like a photo encourages me to keep seeking beauty and sharing what and how I see.

What brings you joy and makes you feel most alive?


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