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I’m making the transition to a profession blog. One where I write about my experiences, good, bad or ugly, in the teaching field. My other blog, the personal one, tells tales of dating, knitting and mothering.

I came by teaching naturally.  My grandmother was a junior high English teacher (bless her!) and always said that teachers are born not made.  I was definitely born to be a teacher.  I find myself teaching everywhere I go.  I think I have an invisible stamp on my forehead that screams “ASK ME!”  Out of all the people in my aisle at the grocery, I’m the one they ask to find bread flour or jello.  Then they ask me why bread flour is different and I tell them.  During a job interview once I taught the president of the community college how to use his email.  (That’s a story of what not to say at a job interview.) I have no qualms about admitting that I’m bossy.  I am: I’m a first-born and a Capricorn, after all.

I love to learn. I started teaching myself Spanish when I was in second grade. My parents were both taking Spanish courses at Fort Lewis and would tell secrets (or so we thought) at the dinner table. I informed my younger brother that I would learn Spanish to put a stop to the secret-telling.  I did. I used my mom’s college text and memorized dialogues and vocabulary lists.  I finally took Spanish formally in seventh grade and didn’t stop until I had a Master’s in language and literature.  My Master’s paper is titled A Sociolinguistic Interpretation of So Far From God (a novel by Ana Castillo).  I had a blast writing it and should have tried to publish it.

Now I get to combine all of my passions. I teach Spanish to a great bunch of kids; I present to colleagues; I get new ideas from my online network that keep me fresh and on my toes. I love my job!

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